Ravenstorm folkmetal

Original Ravenstorm songs reworked

At the moment, some songs that did not appear on any demo or compilation are undergoing a makeover before being recorded. Several of these songs have not been played live since 2001, but we hope that will again see the light of day before the year is over.

For the curious, here is a preliminary tracklist:

As the lyrics are also subject to change (more than they already were, as Yuri tends to improvise his act), they have not yet been uploaded in the Music section.

Doe maar vet

Doe maar vet (16-03-2007)

On the 16th of March 2007, we will be taking part in a band competition called Doe maar vet , which loosely translates to Just Be Phat, which ofcourse still isn't proper English but you get the idea. We have to admit that we don't actually care about winning, as long as people have fun. So come and enjoy the show, bring your friends for more laughter or your foes for some jolly tears and bloodshed!

See the banner for more details or browse to the popel website. They're the lads who are organising it all.

Monsters of Metal


This new year, we will be focusing on releasing new material and doing more live shows than the handful we did in 2006. A minstrel's life is a busy one, but tales need to be told and we mean to do just that. In the meanwhile, we invite all those who took stills of our shows in the Archeon and/or the Mezz to send them to us. You will be duely credited if we decide to put them online in our Tales section.

archeon drieluik

Midwinter Fair (09-12-2006)

09-12-2006: Ravenstorm live at the Midwinter Fair, Archeon. Unfortunately on extremely short notice due to unforeseen circumstances: We will be joining quite a sum of bands to perform in the monastery of the Archeon, in Alphen aan de Rijn. Notably, the monastery also features a beer brewery, so "Beer for the Guests" will ofcourse be featured in our play list.

The event, the Midwinter Fair, features small stalls and shops, entertainers such as musicians and storytellers, swordfighters, fire artists, and loads more, all in a medieval, roman and prehistoric setting that is provided by the Archeon. If you're into fantasy, gaming, gothic or celtic, music, or you just downright enjoy strolling through the cold among a bunch of fantasy fanatics and freaks, you'll enjoy this event.

Gratis naar de tering, cover art

Gratis naar de tering (08-12-2006)

Update 08-12-2006: On the 28th of December, there will be a live show at the Mezz together with Vermin, Saeculum and Chainsaw Massacre! More information can be found in this article.

Update 29-10-2006: We just heard of the demise of Ploegbaas, drummer of Brutus and Sick Human Art. For information and for leaving a message in their guestbook, please visit the Brutus homepage.

22-09-2006: A limited amount of "Gratis naar de tering" ("Fucked up for free") compilations has been printed to be sent to various stages and used as promo material. The truly dedicated might be able to get their greasy fingers on a copy.

"Gratis naar de tering" is a jolly gettogether of Ravenstorm, Brutus, Vermin, Saeculum, Sick Human Art, Chainsaw Surgery, Wiri Smokkor, Dodenkrocht and Grimland, to narrate stories about the horrors lurking in the Breda area. Should these bands of merry minstrels manifest themselves at a show near you to support this edifice of malignancy in the unforeseeable future, we advise everyone to bring their friends to cheer them on and drink lots of beer. Hurrah!

Metal Ostentation X, cover art

Metal Ostentation X(29-10-2006)

It's finally here: Metal Ostentation X! Appearing in a limited supply only, this compilation features besides Ravenstorm bands from all over the world like Exoforce from Japan and Thorns of Ivy from Austria. The styles vary between death metal and black metal, with a few softer touches.

Although we're not too pleased with the cover artwork and least of all with the one and a half years of pushing and pulling to get updates on the release, the initiative of Enclave Records has resulted in a collection of bands and songs that we are happy to be amongst!

New material (15-08-2006)

After playing at the PoB and SYLS festivals in Breda, there has been a long stretch of silence. During this time, we've not been sitting idle however.

At PoB and SYLS we presented a new song called Raindrops in an Ocean. In fact we played an earlier incarnation of this song several years ago in the Boulevard in Breda, and then decided it needed to become a bigger composition with some more adventurous ingredients added to it. It has turned out to contain some of the strongest melodic lines yet, going from pagan metal, while hinting at our black metal roots, to the swaying slower pace of the March.

Because we like to get together and play even if we're not rehearsing for a live show, we're also working on a new song which will have Dutch lyrics. In the meanwhile two compilations with other bands are in production: Metal Ostentation X, which is an international gettogether, and an as yet unnamed compilation on which Breda-area bands like Brutus and Vermin will also appear. We hope to do a small tour soon to support these releases.

The Campaign of Esmee, cover art

The Campaign of Esmee is available now (2005)

We are proud to tell you that our DEMO is for sale now. There's a limited amount, so contact us if you're interested in obtaining a copy.

Complete downloadable songs:

Visit the music section for details, stories and lyrics.