The Campaign of Esmee, cover art

The Campaign of Esmee

The first Ravenstorm demo is available now! Get it while it's hot! Or lukewarm, or freezing cold.

Lyrics and audio files can be found through the following links.

The Witch Tower

A song of a witch, her evil, and how love and chivalry can lead two good hearts to their death.

The March (includes audio)

A short war song, inspired by and written during a live roleplay event in England in 1996.

Campaign of Esmee

Ravens flock to the city of Esmee at the onset of carnage wrought upon the humans by hordes of goblins.

Beer for the Guests (includes audio)

A song of 3 guests in a tavern, drinking beer. Two warriors share their tales, but who is the mysterious third?

The Fountain of Life

Eternal life has a price... folly of he who is willing to pay it.

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Metal Ostentation X

- Because of the way Luiz de Arruda and Eclave Records have cheated various musicians into paying for compilations without ever seeing the promised material, we've decided to cease promoting this compilation. -

Gratis naar de tering, cover art

Gratis naar de tering

The first compilation on which Ravenstorm appears. We've jammed two songs on it for your entertainment: Beer for the guests (erroneously printed as Campaign of Esmee, the name of our demo) and The march. All the bands featured live, rehearse, terrorize or otherwise hang out in Breda, Holland. It might be good to note that "Gratis naar de tering" roughly translates to "Fucked up for free" in English, implying that you should never have to pay for it, and that we'll never receive any payment for it. Should you find it up for sale anywhere (it's already on eBay), keep that in mind.

01 - Brutus - Teloorgang
02 - Brutus - Darmschurft (live)
03 - Vermin - Falling deathwards (live)
04 - Vermin - Vertigo (live)
05 - Saeculum - Genetic failure
06 - Saeculum - Benighted
07 - Sick human art - Prologue
08 - Sick human art - Buried the old
09 - Wiri smokkor - The dreaded low count
10 - Wiri smokkor - DimenXion polm
11 - Ravenstorm - The March
12 - Ravenstorm - Beer for the Guests
13 - Chainsaw surgery - Preserving decayed organs
14 - Chainsaw surgery - Chainsaw surgical disfigurement
15 - Dodenkrocht - Dodenkrocht
16 - Dodenkrocht - Return to sin
17 - Grimland - Emily
18 - Grimland - Melena