Campaign of Esmee

The goblins sat around their fire,
Boiling something with rotting dog and herbs.
And when they smeared it upon their weapons, the blow would sting and burn.
A hundred-thousand coming down the mountains; all armed, armed to the teeth.
They're going to take the city of Esmee.
The city will fall tonight.

Tower guard:
"The city of Esmee is under siege! Only a thousand defenders upon its walls and a hundred-thousand goblins descending from the mountainrange! The city of Esmee will fall tonight!"

"Oh Shawn bring my armor! It is rusted!? Treachery!
Oh Shawn bring my sword! It has been broken!? Shite!
Then we must build mangonels! We have no wood!? Idiots!
We must go through the western gate! It has been breached!? Doh!
We must call out to the home guard! They have fallen!? Crap!
Let us flee; right through the sewers! They are aflame!? Argh!
Then get my wife and my child! They have been taken!? No!"

"We will burn your city down and kill all of you.
We'll burn your children and eat your wives.
We'll leave no one left alive.
We'll show no mercy, we'll slaughter all of you."

Commander: "Let's have a duel for my honor!"
Goblins: "You'll have no honor this night."
Commander: "But I prayed to the Gods."
Goblins: "Your Gods do not favor you tonight."
Commander: "Let me live.. Spare my life!"
Goblins: "You'll be a slave to us."

"We will take this city down and drive you out of this realm.
We'll show no mercy, like you did unto us.
We'll kill all of you, and make it quick.
Humandkind is inferior to goblins!"

Commander: "Why all this cruelty upon us?"
Goblins: "Because we fucking can!"
Commander: "Why the archers upon the children?"
Goblins: "To improve their aim!"
Commander: "Why the wolfriders upon the hills?"
Goblins: "To take out your first defense"
Commander: "Where were the guards, out on the plains?"
Goblins: "They were the first to die"

Surviving defender:
"I saw the downfall of humankind.
They took us by surprise.
We never stood a chance,
when they took us in that night.
Humankind is about to end.."

Our shamans will bind your souls to the very stone.
We'll slaughter all of you, we'll show no mercy upon your souls.
We are the goblins and we are superior to humankind.
We are the victors of this battle and we will have victory.