Beer for the Guests

Audio file: Beer for the Guests (MP3)

A tale told by a spirit near the city of Esmee..

Three men sitting at the table,
telling tales of wars they fought
and campaigns they were present at.

First one: a witness of the battle at Esmee.
Second one: a mercenary who fought at the goblin side.
Third one: mysterious one, whose hands were clad in black leather.

More beer for the guests!
We will drink until dawn.
We will have another beer.
More beer; we will drink until the sun sets up high.

First one: the coward's wounds that he got while he tried to run away.
Second one: remembers well how he hacked his arms and legs off
Third one: is called Fate and he was there when it all happened.

Fate poisoned their beer.
Each draft closer to death.
Slowly drinking themselves to death.

Three men laughing at the table,
drinking themselves to death.
Each beer laced with poison,
bringing them closer to Death.

First one: laughed out loud while he slowly slipped into a coma.
Second one: laughed out loud, while he coughed blood from his lungs.
Third one: paid the bill and walked to another table....