Live in 't Klapcot, Breda

A legendary (cough) performance in 't Klapcot in 2002

Around 16:00 we were all present, though some more present than others. Mathias for example decided the night before was a good time to get totally wasted on alcoholic beverages. While trying to catch up on some sleep, the rest of the band & friends made sure he didn't get any.

Ready to go.

At 19:00, it was time to hit the stage and play like our lives depended on it. The place was filled to the brim and someone had decided it would be a good idea to make some recordings for a live DVD.

Years have passed and nobody knows where those recordings went, so expect it to pop up on a bootleg of some sort in a few years when we've achieved worldwide fame and stardom. It should be around the same time that pigs learn how to fly.

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